Introducing Boardgains 🎲

It’s the small things you do every day that add up to your motivation to stay fit and healthy, and it’s always a work in progress. In this journey to better health, you often forget the best part – to have some fun!

What started as a Bootcamp has now been gamified to a board game—Boardgains. And now everyone can experience a fun, motivating, and exciting way of working out, with a hint of competitiveness while bringing friends & families together. 

Fitness Board Game
Bootcamp In A Box


versatile for any setting!

It was a very different experience because you actually get a very intense workout. It’s fun! You don’t even feel like you are working out. It's more like you are playing a game. I think anybody can do it. I see myself playing this definitely with my gym crew like the friends I normally workout with.

Hector (Crossfitter)

Ya this game is really fun so I hope I can play this game at school with my friends or really with anyone especially during gym class it'd be really good. I think I can get a good grade with this game. Yeah I can see myself playing with my family at home. My family actually like working out alot so I think this game could be pretty fun since we do board game nights every so often.

Jordan (Student)

His family loves to do family board game nights and we're just going to turn it up a little bit. We can get a little competitive so i can see anyone doing it. Uncle jim, uncle bob, aunt carol with the crazy cats. Doesnt matter. Anyones good to do it. It's a lot of fun. I would recommend this game to anyone interested in starting to workout, anyone that has worked out, and anyone under the sun because its a good time and you'll be able to make friends.

Rebbeca & Jay (Trainers)


A Fun Gamified full body Cardio Workout Using Body weight exercises. #BootcampInAbox

Picture of a fitness board game with white background and multicultural cast of people working out on the box art with flat boardgame with cards, dice, meeples and sandtimers being shown on the board.


Fitness available at your fingertips worldwide. No fitness equipment required and no workout plan required. All the exercises are completed using bodyweight, and can be done from outdoors to indoors, parks, gyms, living room-- literally anywhere.​


Play in different modes and different competitiveness fitness levels. Switch from Multiplayer, Team or Individual mode. Compete with your friends, family, colleagues or gym/school mates in a competitive and fun environment. Or, play solo mode to complete your daily workout in!​


Say goodbye to boring workout routines. Guaranteed to deliver a different workout each time while keeping you engaged. Great activity for bringing excitement to vacations, workplace fitness outings, physical education, fitness events/classes, and much more.​

Cardio Workout

This circuit training workout game will increases heart and cardiovascular health, builds up strength, and tones major muscle groups. Great tool to use to add some fun conditioning workouts to your routine.


How To Play BoardGains

Set Up The Match

Determine your match type (Multiplayer, Teams, Solo) and set the number of GAINS needed to win.

Picture of the board game in grey scale with 2 black dice and 1 meeple.

Roll, Move, Exercise,Repeat

Each player move their game piece according to the number they roll. Wherever you land, you must do the corresponding exercise and reps. Once completed return to the board & roll again. No need to wait for opponents to finish their exercise.

How To Play BoardGains

Collect Gains

Every time you complete a lap around the board you get 1 gain. The first player/team to collect the set number of gains wins the game.


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