easy as 1, 2, 3

How To Play BoardGains

Set Up The Match

Determine your match type (Multiplayer, Teams, Solo) and set the number of GAINS needed to win.

Picture of the board game in grey scale with 2 black dice and 1 meeple.

Roll, Move, Exercise,Repeat

Each player move their game piece according to the number they roll. Wherever you land, you must do the corresponding exercise and reps. Once completed return to the board & roll again. No need to wait for opponents to finish their exercise.

How To Play BoardGains

Collect Gains

Every time you complete a lap around the board you get 1 gain. The first player/team to collect the set number of gains wins the game.

the gains can't be that easy!

watch out for these spaces !​

These spaces take time to complete and will slow down your gains.

Feeling Lucky?

When you land on this spot. You must pick up a game card. These game help you gain an advantage in the game or cause a disadvantage.

Video how to / Rules